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What Next?
What Next?

What Next?

When I wrote those lines I am on flight EK183 from Dubai to Brussels. And during the 7 hours of the flight I was thinking about: What’s Next? We have seen that 2020 was the “reset” year for the economy. Global Lockdown between the second half of March to the second half of May for most of the countries who settle a lockdown.

During this time we have seen the stock market crash and if the authorities didn’t inject money, it could be worst.

We have also seen millions of people lose their job, USA have been though on that, 10 years of job creation were obliterate in less than 4 weeks, 28 days. So crazy.

But I am not writing this article to tell you day by day what happened in the first half of 2020, you have seen and lived it.

Like Black Lightning told to Team Flash in Crisis On Infinite Earth (aired on The CW last December): TICK TOCK PEOPLE. The clock is running.

Are you like Jefferson Pierce? Do you stand ready for what’s next? I mean, you have probably performed well during the lockdown and the few months after but are you ready for the next 10-20 years?

Does your resume and most importantly your skills help you finding a job or building a business in the second industrial revolution? AI, VR, AR, blockchain, robotics, etc.

Recently I’ve posted 2 job offer, one for a social media manager and one for a personal assistant. I’m still studying all the profile I received but it scared me a lot. Too many people have outdated skills like “mastering” Microsoft Office… Do you think it’s relevant at the age of AI? I don’t think so but you can prove me I’m wrong and mastering MS Office is still worth it.

Be like Jefferson Pierce aka Black Lightning. Stand ready!

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