Let’s talk about purpose

2022 is almost over, and I’m sure you are already planning 2023.

But what is your (ultimate) purpose? Your “Why” is why you do what you are currently doing and even further, your mission.

Research from Aaron Hurst, Brandon Peele, and their team found that individuals connected to their purpose are 4X more engaged, 175% more productive, and 64% more fulfilled. Over 42% have better memory, and 32% have fewer medical visits.

Massive Transformation Purpose is one of the key attributes of Exponential Organizations. Those organizations think BIG and there’s a good reason for that: if a company thinks small, it is unlikely to pursue a business strategy that will achieve rapid growth. Even if the company somehow manages to achieve an impressive level of growth, the scale of its business will quickly outpace its business model and leave the company lost and directionless.

The same goes on a personal level. With 8,002,784,000 people on the planet (when I wrote this article), we have all a different reason, a different purpose in life. Finding what it is could be tricky and hard sometimes (I know some people that are still not sure about their personal MTP).

Your Personal MTP can also be recalibrated with what you lived, experienced, and learned over the past few months/years. It has to evolve to align with who you are.

So, in this last month of 2022, do yourself two favors (if it’s not done yet):

  1. Plan 2023, what will you do on a personal level, and on a professional level? Where do you want to travel (if you like to travel)? Do you want to increase your network and meet new people to elevate your life?
  2. Think about your purpose and your Personal Massive Transformation Purpose, what difference would you want to do around you, your neighborhood, and on a larger scale, in the world?

Purpose and PTMP are what will drive you during 2023, the rest of the decade, and for the rest of your life, I wish you will be a very long and happy one.

PS: get rid of “New Year resolution” and adopt a true Purpose model for your personal life.

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