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Exponential Luxury Study Case #1: Lamborghini
Exponential Luxury Study Case #1: Lamborghini

Exponential Luxury Study Case #1: Lamborghini

Before 2019, Lamborghini have only 2 different models: The Huracan and The Aventador. And then, The Urus came, a super luxury SUV (I’ve seen some in Dubai, this car looks amazing!).

Despite the multiplication of models and cause The Urus doubled the sales of Lamborghini between 2017 to 2019 (see below) Volkswagen (the owner of Lamborghini via Audi AG) wants to keep the Italian brand as a super exclusive car brand and decided to limit the production and sales under 8,500 per year.

YearsNumber of unit sellNotes
2001280End of production of The Diablo, produced between 1990 to 2001. Only 3,000 models were produced.
2002442Murciélago (3,066 models produced between 2002 to 2006)
20031357Gallardo (14,022 models produced between 2003 to 2013)
20082,430Reventon (21 models produced)
20111,602Aventador (10,000 models produced in phase 1 (2011-2017))
Sesto Elemento (20 models produced)
20132,121Veneno (12 models in the world)
20163,457Centenario (40 models produced)
20185,750Urus (10,000 models produced by July 2020)

We can notice 2 trends with this table. Audi transformed Lamborghini from a Luxury Sports Car brand to an Exponential Luxury Sports Car brand. Without letting go away from the specific niche where Lamborghini was, Audi & Volkswagen successfully 10X the sales in less than 10 years and over 40X in 20 years (264 cars sold in 1999 versus 2,430 in 2008 – 8,205 in 2019). And despite the huge boom of the sales, Lamborghini still has this aura around each of their cars.

When you ask to someone what they feel when they see a Lamborghini, most of the time they will tell you “Luxury”.

Become the Lamborghini of your industry/niche. Without dropping value in your offer, you can multiply the number of sales and Lamborghini represents the true potential between Exponential and Luxury.

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