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Does work-from-home is here to stay?
Does work-from-home is here to stay?

Does work-from-home is here to stay?

As a person who works from home since he left high school in 2010 (I will not count the 2 office spaces I rented in 2013 and 2015), I want to say yes.

However the state of the nation of Work From Home is a bit different, still, a lot of people want to work from their company HQ. And when the pandemic will be over, they will back behind their desk.

The WAF (Work-From-Home) will evolve in WFA (Work-From-Anywhere), in the past 10 years the technologies allow us to work wherever we want and since 2015, a lot of Coworking Spaces open (you can check to find a coworking space near you).

But coworking space is not the only place you can work from anywhere, think about all the beautiful places with an astonishing where you can work. You have just to verify if this place has a (good) wifi connection (I suggest you get a VPN if you plan to work on a public WiFi) or if it hasn’t, acquire a 4 or 5G wireless internet dongle to connect you to the network.

Of course, your company must also develop clear rules & policies for that way of working. From the work hours (you can be flexible right?) to the budget they could allow you if you decide to get your own coworking space access.

And to all my business owner friends, think about how better your company will perform if you can really apply for good this very specific situation we are currently in right now. Do you still need a big HQ office? What can you do with that big building? There are exponential possibilities to explore.

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