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Vincent Dauby
About Me

About Me

I am a serial entrepreneur raised in Belgium and lived in Dubai since January 2020.

My Entrepreneur’s career starts in 2009 with some “coaching” and after a few weeks, I jumped into the Network Marketing world. At that time I didn’t know that this industry has so much bad reputation but guess what, in 2020 I’m still working actively in it.

After a life-event in 2015, I decided to also start a business in the real estate. I wanted to developed a new neighborhood in a little city near me. This project was worth millions and due to my lack of experience I’ve failed to build it. Was it still worth it? Yes, I’ve learned how to write prospectus to leverage money with bonds (A 2.5 million euros bond). Did I get that money? Unfortunately no. It was the reason why this project finishes in a dead-end.

This failed-project forced me to reinvent myself. The period between 2017 to 2019 wasn’t that good for me neither, this real estate project involved some casualties that I had to clean so I did. It was 2 boring years mixed with anger and delusion with how fast things and people work.

Meanwhile, I’ve started to position myself as a business consulting and coaching authority. If you didn’t know me yet, it’s my fault. I didn’t put enough energy into it. It was more a side-project.

And here we are, 2020, a new decade. A new decade that doesn’t start so well, potential third world war between Eastern versus Western Empires is in the air, and the infamous COVID-19 start its work. It forced people to reinvent themselves and start work from home (for all the workers that still didn’t at that time).

In September, after months of hesitation, I started an Amazon FBA business besides my current MLM and consulting/coaching businesses.

The future is better than we think and the next 10-20 years will be interesting.

Vincent Dauby – Serial Entrepreneur