31 lessons I learned on business and life

  1. Surround Yourself With People That Share Similar Interest And Goal Than Yours
  2. Split Your Income In 2: 60% To Live And Enjoy The Life And 40% To Stack For Investing In Your Business, Other Businesses, And Real Estate
  3. Build More Than One Source Of Income, Don’t Become Depend Of One Thing, A Table Has 4 Feet To Be Stable
  4. Don’t Buy A House BEFORE Investing In Real Estate
  5. Invest In Real Estate, Find At Least 4/8 Unit For Your First Deal
  6. Be Your Own Super Hero
  7. Money Don’t Buy Time, But It Can Buy Freedom
  8. Don’t Wait To Launch Your Business And/Or Your Idea
  9. Meditate
  10. Do Yoga
  11. Wake-Up At 5 AM
  12. Get A Strict Morning And Evening Routine
  13. Live In A Place That Fulfilled Your Mind And Your Soul
  14. Don’t Rent A Place For Your Current Situation But Also To Your Future Growing
  15. Learn To Give
  16. Learn To Read
  17. Be Patience, Be Not Lazy
  18. Hire People That Will Help You And Your Business To Grow, Not People You Have To Manage
  19. Fired Bad And Not Productive Employees
  20. If You Have To Pay Taxes, Isolate 40% From Your Income BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE (Then Check Lesson #2)
  21. Don’t Date The First Girl/Lady/Boy/Man You Met, Date Wisely
  22. Learn To Live Alone Before Lesson #21
  23. Travel In Business, First Class Or In Private Jet As Soon As You Can
  24. Stay In The Best Places
  25. Lessons #23 & #24 Are Made To Build Your Network, Only Wealthy And Influent People Are Staying In Those Places And Travel Like That
  26. Invest In Your Body, Living Over 100 In Perfect Healthy And Shape Is Now Possible (Look Steve Harvey, He’s 63 But He’s Looking 30)
  27. It’s Never To Start And Restart
  28. Learn Everyday
  29. Be Kind
  30. Be Wise But Not Naive
  31. We Still Not See Me And Batman In The Same Room At The Same Time (lol)

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