About Me

Hi everybody !

So this page is about myself. What a weird introduction right? I confese, i check other “about me” page of other network marketers, business coach, consultant and entrepreneurs to find inspiration. This About Me section will not be perfect maybe if you’ll check in 6 months, it’ll be completly different.

Let’s go !

If you don’t notice yet, my name is Vincent Dauby, pretty strange name and quite difficult to pronounce in english. I’m still a young entrepreneur, 28 years old when I wrote these lines and start my career in network marketing as a part-time activity when I was student in high school (I will not talk about my high school journey now, maybe later) in early 2009.

It was hard because I knew nothing about selling, marketing, personal developpement and finance. After a quick celebrations with my friends, they fastly told me that direct selling and network marketing is a scam (classic). In some few weeks, friends (and a part of my family) tried to convince me to stop. As you can, I didn’t listen them. Something that was basicly hard become harder due to friend that didn’t want to join or buy products from me for some good or bad reason. But enough with negative feelings, let’s see some positive.

Network Marketing industry let me travel around the globe, mostly in Europe but also in Asia and in North America. I could also have great experiences like knowing what small and big win is, reaching goals, got my first employee (I will talk about that later in a blog post), have a nice car (or a big toy) and so many other cool stuff. I’ve also learn a lot about selling, running a business, finance and personnal developpement.

These past few month, I learnt also to be less shy that I was before, cause yeah, I’m shy and introvert. Starting recording some videos for Youtube and Facebook, being live on Facebook, Periscope (RIP) or Instagram forced me to get outside my comfort zone and discover how I can do more for my Network Marketing career.

My mission

I got a pretty good experience in Network Marketing but also in “classic” business (a brick and mortar business) for 3 years I developped a Real Estate company with all good and bad part of that industry. Even if I still prefer Network Marketing, I’m now able to help any kind of business and person to scale up and see new opportunities.

I can help you reach a brand new level in your business and in your life. We can connect together and see how I can help you.

See Ya !