Georges St Pierre Networth (2020)

Networth: over $30 million (last update 2020)

Georges St Pierre is probably one of the most famous MMA champion in history who set an incredible impact into the Mixed-Martial Art industry with a strong record of 28 professional fights with UFC.

The last report of George St Pierre, the famous MMA champion, is set to be around $30 million according to and

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How Georges build his wealth?

He of course start build his wealth with the help of UFC, it’s reported than he made $200,000 per fight plus a $200,000 bonus per win.

With a total of 28 combats with 26 victories (8 KO, 8 submissions and 12 TKO) and only 2 defeats (1 KO and 1 submission) we can reasonable say that only by fighting in the Octagon GSP made $10.8 million.

According to the report on CelebrityNetworth, Saint Pierre got also a extra bonus with the PPV, between $1 to $3 per Pay-per-view purchase. We can totalize 9,150,000 purchased of PPV where GSP is in the main-event with each more than 300,000 purchase for a total of $27,450,000 in PPV bonuses.

During UFC 158 in march 2013, the PPV was sell 950,000 times. GSP made an extra $2.85 million during that night and we have to add the $400,000 he made from win the fight itself. This number is probably not accurate, Dana White reported that Georges made that night around $5 million.

If we take the entire MMA career, Georges has made:

  • $2,800,000 from fight itself
  • $27,450,000 from PPV

It doesn’t stop here, during the years Georges St Pierre has become what we can call now an “influencer” and he endorsed several brands like Under Armour, NOS energy drink (owned by Coca-Cola), Hayaboosa, 888poker, Affliction, Electronic Arts and Bacardi. He also appears in some movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier as Georges “The Leaper” Batroc or Kickboxer: Vengeance as Kavi.

Most sources I look at to write this article state that the networth of GSP is around $30 million which I am not completely agree with for a simple reason: if we take only his UFC career it made more than $30 million, we have also the “extra” he made from sponsorship and movies appearance could cash him more. Of course we have to take into account with taxes and other expenses but also other sources of income like Real Estate.