My 2019 book list – how you can read 50 to 60 books a year.

I love reading book and of course especially non-fictional ones (business, personal development, finance, etc.). Between July & December 2019, I read 23 books.

Bill Gates is known for co-founding Microsoft but also as a passionate reader. He read more than 50 books a year. And during this intense 6-month when I start speed-up my reading book list, I was thinking how can he do that?

In the past 10 years, I read book but slowly, very slowly. Sometimes I took 6 months to read just one book and it was disappointing me, I wanted to read more.

Here’s a little strategy I put in place since July 2019, I plan all my reading. I put all the books I wanted to read during the next 6 months and I stick to it. I plan to read between 50 to 75 pages a day. I know it seems a lot but when you start reading few books, you realise it’s not really.

Make your 2020 list, allow you one or two hours a day and stick to it. You can read during your free time, in the public transportation, when you wait for the bus, in the taxi, during flight, during transit time and the most common but also the weirdest place to read: in toilet (lol).

Here’s the book I read between July and December 2019. In the next few weeks, I will review them and give you what I’ve learned by reading all those books.

Share your 2020 list in comment !