12 Tips To Highly Motivate You

Everyone is motivated but lots of people aren’t stimulated or inspired enough to reach the next steps to their lives. It happens too much than you think.

Finding your mojo will help you to stay motivated and focus on your big goal.

Use the following 12 tips to keep yourself motivated:

1. Set high but real goals

Have you already read these books of Grant Cardone, The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success And Failure and Be Obsessed Or Be Average? If your answer is no, it’s time for you to grab copies of those books.

Grant explains in detail that got a huge goal will force you to higher your standard. Setting real goals and 10X them to increase your daily activity.

Your goal must be realistic as well. If you are broke and you put as your main objective to become a millionaire (aka getting 1.000.000$) in the next 30 days. Of course, it’ll be hard. Aim that goal differently, reach 1 million bucks in 300 days and 2.5M in 500 days (it’s an example).

If you already 100.000$ a year and you want to go to the next step. Take your goal and multiply it by 10 (It’s a very very shorten the way of The 10X Rule).

2. Seek feedback

Be open to any feedback, whether positive or negative as it is right for your motivation.

Positive feedback makes you want to keep up with the excellent performance and even causes you to have the incentive to work even harder.

Negative feedback might lead you to stress. And if it happens on a regular basis it most likely will lead to depression. The key is how you treat your stress and depression. Take it as your best advisors to go forward. Take the negative feedback positively and let it give you the drive to want to improve your performance and surpass the expectations of your reviewer.

3. Get rid of unnecessary habits

Bad habits will only lead you to fail. You have to identify each habits you got in your daily, weekly and monthly routine. Keep the good one (for example if you practice meditation, yoga and/or workout, it’s, of course, good habits); And let away all the bad and destructive habits (like partying the weekend (if you are “young” I know it’s hard but it’s necessary) or smoking), those example bad habits don’t help you to reach your potential.

“Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.” – Winston Churchill

4. Continue learning

Practice Kaizen (I will get more in detail of that in a future article). As an entrepreneur minded people, you must not stop learn even if you are out of school for 5, 10 or 20 years. Read books, listen to a podcast, go to events (like TEDx conference) and workshop (you can find lots of workshops on Meetup).

And please, for the love of your personal growth, don’t be a passive learner. Average millionaire read 60 books a year but not everyone studies them. I encourage you to read a lot of books of course but take 5 to 8 and study them; master the concept of what you read, listen, see.

5. Celebrate all your achievements

Every win is a win even the smallest ones. It sounds strange but celebrates when you win (i.e. lose 3 pounds, sign a new client, work with a new partner) will help you a lot. Your brain loves to celebrate, the more you give him that, the more you’ll be successful. You haven’t to get on expensive things, you can take a deep breast and celebrate by listen to musics that boosts you; on weekend days you can go to the theatre and watch a movie you want to see.

6. Take risks

You can never achieve something extraordinary if you stay in your comfort zone or keep doing regular stuff and not taking risks. Fear of taking chances limits your potential for growth and the rewards you could get by doing so. Not being sure what will happen next keeps you motivated to work on the task to achieve your desired results. Taking risks involves evaluating the rewards and losses you might encounter by taking on a particular challenge.

7. Take regular breaks

You are not superhuman. The only way for you to perform at the top of your game is to take a moment and rest. If you need to, take a power nap (15 to 20 minutes max). Studies have shown that working continuously with no rest may result in a decline in your productivity.

Take a vacation and enjoy yourself without the pressure of work every once in a while. When you go back to the office you will come with renewed enthusiasm for work. Robin Sharma explains in The Leader Who Has No Title that he take a 1-week break every 6 weeks, he goes on a trip for example.

8. Treat yourself gently

Your friend bought that new house and you are still living in a rental. So what? Don’t compare your achievements with other people. We all have different goals and priorities. Accept the notion that there are people who are more affluent or smarter than you are. People are different. Accepting leaves you the space to explore other opportunities that are suited for you and focus on yourself.

9. Deal with your setbacks

Success is not a smooth path. On your journey to achieve your goals, it is nearly impossible not to encounter failure or other setbacks. Develop resilience. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from unfavorable situations. Develop the skill to cope with challenges. Admitting your failures help you keep motivated to rise above the challenge.

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” – Michael John Bobak

10. Set deadlines

Self-imposed deadlines keep you focused on your goals. You need to set realistic timeframes for each subgoal to push yourself to focus and achieve it without becoming overwhelmed. Once you accomplish a subgoal, you get even more motivated to meet your larger goal. Set dates to complete tasks and stick to them.

11. Procrastination is a motivation killer

Distractions and fear of failure are the main reasons we procrastinate. Face your challenges head-on. By putting things off until later, you might be delaying your success. Keep yourself motivated by doing things on time.

12. Impress yourself

Do you know who is the hardest to impress? Yourself. There are times when you doubt your ability to meet a particular objective. But with the right mentality and attitude, you can do things that can leave you wondering how you did it. Love what you do and have a passion for achieving your goals that do not depend on the bar set by other people. Doing impressive things builds your self-confidence and motivates you to do even greater things.

A self-motivated person is a good performer at his/her job. The above tips will help you focus on your work and stay motivated to be more productive at what you do and in so doing enable you to earn that promotion you have been yearning to get.

How do you motivate yourself? Comment below!