The pros and cons of Network Marketing part 3/3

Welcome back on my blog for the last part of The Pros & Cons of Network Marketing.

In the last article, I wrote about some bad things that come with Network Marketing. So today, I share some positive about MLM.

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You can meet new friends with Network Marketing

Something is wonderful with Network Marketing, you can meet new people and those amount of new person you met to become friends and it happens that you meet your wife/husband (Eric and Marina Worre did).

So if you are worried about losing some friends because they think MLM is a scam or for what other reason, don’t think about it.

And more of that, you must be friends with people that share similar vision and goals. You are the average of the 5 people you past the time the most. If your goal is to become wealthy and live freedom (I call that the Laptop Lifestyle), if your 5 best friends are broke as hell; it will be so hard for you to reach that goal. Why? Because (and I loved it !) they have a different purpose in life even you manage them to be the focus on success. They’ll fast return to the starting point and get trap with their old demons.

You can travel with Network Marketing

And it’s why I love this industry! Some companies are worldwide. It means you can build in your local area and home country but also build internationally. Have teammates in Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Even if new technology can reach you in every part of the world in the speed of light, you wanna meet them.

For that you can plan Team Convention in every city you got a BIG team (if your downline is big enough) and your company probably organize the local meetings and regional convention everywhere.

For example, two years ago, one of my uplines organized a 2-day event in Amsterdam. A top earner from Singapore was announced and I was so happy to hear tips from that entrepreneur. When I arrived at the hotel who hosted the event, it’s not 1 top earner from Singapore that was there but 3! The two others have decided the day before to be part of this event and jump in the first flight to Amsterdam from Singapore (14+ hours of flight !).

Of course, it’s not required for you to do that except if you want to.

Your company also organize some travel incentive that you can qualify for. It’s a third way to travel with Network Marketing.