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How To Crush It On Instagram
How To Crush It On Instagram

How To Crush It On Instagram

Instagram is one of the 6 major social media platform in 2020, besides Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik-Tok and Pinterest. And you can already say “but Vincent, what about Twitch and Youtube?”, those 2 platforms are more based on Videos & Live Streaming than the 6 other big names.

For those who live in a cave for 10+ years, Instagram is a social platform made to share pictures. Over the years, they add some interesting features like Live Streaming, Stories and Messaging.

In his book Crushing It, Gary Vaynerchuk shares 7 tips to boost your Instagram account to sustain your business.

  1. Make sure your Instagram is full of incredible content, the best you can make. More people are about to come to see what you’re about.
  2. Search relevant keywords. For example, if you’re building a biker brand, motorcycles.
  3. Click on the first hashtag that shows up. As I write this, there is over 6.5 million posts with #motorcycles.
  4. Click on every picture you see with that hashtag. The first four that show up in this instance belong to accounts that have a combined following of over one million Instagrammers.
  5. Investigate every account and any linked websites to confirm that they are owned by people or companies in your field, or even if they’re not, to check if they could use your services or products anyway.
  6. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of their pages and send those individuals or businesses a custom-written direct message. Do not spam with cut-and-paste bullshit. If that’s the best you can do, you’ve already lost.
  7. In your message, explain what drew you to them (I love your work; I’ve always admired you; you post the funniest memes; this post is so creative; etc.), why you are worth paying attention to (my goal is to promote better biker safety; I’ve designed a helmet even the most helmet-averse rider won’t mind wearing; I’ve launched the freshest, most exciting biker-themed Youtube channel), and what value you can offer (I’d like to send you one of my helmets to try; I’d love to invite you on air to talk about your new book, and I’d be honored if you’d let me make you a free video documenting your next ride; I can send you six bikers to model leather jackets on your vlog for free).

If you’re not yet following me on Instagram it’s time to catch up. And discover together how those 7 tips can fix my personal account and make it a world-class Instagram profile to follow:

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