Mykonos, Greece

Discover Villa Hurmuses, an exquisite, award-winning estate located on the picturesque Greek island of Mykonos. This villa elegantly combines luxurious living, comfort, and stunning Mediterranean vistas. It’s a unique sanctuary within walking distance of the lively Mykonos Town and the tranquil beaches of the island.


Perfectly positioned for easy access, a mere 15-minute walk from Mykonos Town and its beautiful beaches.

Offers unobstructed views of the shimmering Aegean Sea, including mesmerizing sunsets and a panoramic view of the town.

Conveniently located just 2.2 km from Mykonos International Airport, ensuring excellent accessibility.

Property Highlights

Accommodation: Includes 6 Bedrooms and 6 Bathrooms, with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms in the main house, and an additional bedroom, sitting room, and bathroom in the guest house.

Amenities: Equipped with a private swimming pool, landscaped garden area, and massage spot, alongside a fully equipped outdoor barbeque and dining space.

Maintenance: Meticulously maintained year-round by dedicated live-in staff, a part of the villa since 2002.
Investment and Legal Aspects:

Offers a lucrative opportunity for rental income, given the high demand in the holiday rental market.

Legally unencumbered property, fully compliant with Greek property laws.

The purchase qualifies for a Golden visa.

Additional Features

Undergone continuous renovations and meticulously upheld since its acquisition in 2001.

Includes a 40kv generator, ideal for the summer months, with regular maintenance.

The sale encompasses furniture, kitchen equipment, accessories, and selected artwork.